The practical application of BV’s remote survey capability

The ability to witness or direct the testing and certification on camera is connecting BV expertise with local teams and suppliers and clients to provide guidance, direction and accurate decision making.

An example was the survey in early February of an engine test conducted jointly between Paris and a facility in China with multiple stakeholders also witnessing the test process. A BV machinery expert located in Paris, the BV network office in Germany and an equipment maker in Europe were able to witness testing in a facility in China where BV surveyors were present.

Using real-time video communication tools, any stakeholders unable to travel due to COVID-19 restrictions were able to be virtually present and to witness and contribute to confirming an important test procedure.

MR. Laurent Leblanc, Senior Vice-President, Technical & Operations of Bureau Veritas, said, ‘This capability is really just starting to make an impact for our clients and stakeholders but we are well advanced in developing the necessary evolution to our rules, our procedures and connecting the remote survey technology with our digital platforms and tools.

Remote service delivery will become a part of everyday life for us.
The capability does not replace our surveyors but allows speed of access and connectivity between teams and stakeholders to enable decisions to be made quickly and with confidence.’

Commenting, Shanghai-based Claude Maillot Senior Vice-President, Marine & Offshore, for BV in North Asia, said, ‘This is a real and practical solution – available right now as well as being a key capability for the future of classification. This remote survey capability allows us to provide remote service delivery to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.’

Source: Bureau Veritas