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New function of JRC’s RADAR JMR-7200/9200

The JRC Radar Wave Analysis function is developed to measure wave height, direction and length. Even at rough sea, clear presented information about the wave provides navigational officers a proper decision support to steer the ship on the best course and speed to reduce rolling and pitching.

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Iridium’s GMDSS Service Goes Live

Iridium’s GMDSS Service officially went live on Friday, December 11, 2020 Satellite communications provider Iridium Communications Inc. announced Tuesday that its Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) service officially went live on Friday, December 11, ending a monopoly held by rival Inmarsat and enhancing the integrity of global safety

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Communications for ship crew

A survey carried out in 2017 by the seafarers’ trade union Nautilus International, which represents more than 22,000 maritime professionals in the UK, Netherlands and Switzerland, showed that although 88% of seafarers now have some sort of internet access, only 6% can video-call families.

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