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Atmospheric Oil Mist Detection System – AOMD SPECSVISION-IIIA measures oil mist in engine room and the other places where oil-using machines are located.

When the concentration of oil mist exceeds the set value, an alarm is triggered to prevent the risk of engine explosion.



  • Newest version based on recent IACS effectiveness verified based on M67 rules
  • Superior accuracy verified
  • Most rigid assembly
  • Instantaneous response to alarm
  • RS-485 / 422 to Ship’s alarm monitoring system
  • Less contaminated sensor design
  • Highly integrated single board design
  • Robust anti-vibration assembly
  • Multi- functional remote monitoring unit
  • Proven test and calibration chamber
  • MIL STD-167, MIL-S-901D
  • Access OMD system from anywhere around the world securely