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JRC JMR-5400


The new high performance JMR-5400 radar significantly improves short range detection and discrimination of targets presented on high brightness displays with intuitive icon-based operation. The system is running on the latest JRC-designed signal processing technology allowing radar images to effortlessly run faster and more efficiently than ever before.

New X-band scanner

Newly added to the lineup of the JMR-5400 is the DC-powerered 25kW X-band scanner. Developed by JRC engineers, the newly tuned system cuts search times to roughly ¼ compared to the previous generation.

The array is slimmed down and reduced in weight and available with a 7ft, 9ft or 6ft high speed array. The new streamlined design makes operation more wind resistant, reducing the load on the motor, which contributes to higher reliability usage and a longer lifetime.


The JMR-5400 supports C-MAP MAX and new pec charts. The radar echo is displayed on the chart and the scale is automatically adjusted to the radar range. Naturally own ship’s track, TT and AIS tracking and planned route are also available on screen.

Full mapping facility of the chart plotter function is optionally available through a separately sold license.


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JRC JMR-5400

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Model JMR-5410-6X JMR-5410-6XH JMR-5425-7X JMR-5425-9X JMR-5425-6XH JMR-5430-S JMR-5472-S JMR-5482-S JMR-5482-SH
Display colour raster scan PPI
Range scale 0.125/0.25/0.5/0.75/1.5/3/6/12/24/48/96 NM
Model NKE-2103-6/HS NKE-2255-7 NKE-2255-9 NKE-2255-6HS NKE-1130 NKE-1632*1 NKE-2632/-H*1
Transmitting power 10kW 25kW 30kW 250W
Transmitting frequency 9410MHz±30MHz 9410MHz±30MHz 3050MHz±20MHz P0N:3035MHz, Q0N:3065MHz±4MHz or 3060MHz±4MHz
Antenna length 6ft 7ft 9ft 6ft 12ft 12ft 8ft 8ft
Rotation speed 27rpm 48rpm 24rpm 24rpm 48rpm 24rpm 24rpm 24rpm 48rpm
Horizontal beam width 1.2° 1.0° 0.8° 1.2° 1.9° 1.9° 2.7° 2.7°
Vertical beam width 20° 20° 20° 20° 25° 25° 25° 25°
Weight 36kg 52kg 55kg 50kg 180kg 160kg 85kg 90kg
 Pulse width 0.08μs/2250Hz
0.07μs/(4.6μs,8MHz)/1860Hz or 2280Hz
0.14μs/(9.1μs,8MHz)/1860Hz or 2280Hz
0.29μs/(9.1μs,8MHz)/1860Hz or 2280Hz
Duplexer circular + diode limiter
Tuning automatic / manual
Ambient condition temperature:-25℃~+55℃; relative humidity:93%@ 40℃
Model NDC-1678
Bearing indication RM display:north-up / course-up / head-up TM display:north-up / course-up
Presentation mode RM display with true trail, RM display with relative trail, TM display
EBL 2(EBL1/EBL2)(center/independent)000.0° – 359.9°, digital display
VRM 2(VRM1/VRM2)0.000~96.0NM, digital display
Trail indication off/0.25/0.5/1/3/6/10/15/30/60-min
Model NWZ-214(19-inch)/NWZ-208(26-inch)
LCD 1280×1024 dot(SXGA)(19-inch)/1920×1200 dot(WUXGA)(26-inch)
PPI Effective diameter ≥250mm
Connection cable 5m (processor-monitor)
Number of TT tracking targets 30 targets max.(expanding to a maximum 100 targets with an optional function added)
TT Tracking Range Auto/Manual 32 NM max.
Number of AIS targets 180 targets max.(expanding to a maximum 1,000 targets with an optional function added)
TT/AIS vector True/Relative, variable from 1 to 120 minutes
Model NCE-5794
Connection cable 5m(processor-keybord)
Ambient conditions Operating temperature: -15 to 55℃; Relative humidity: 93% @40℃(processor,display,keyboard)
installation cable CFQ-6912-20 length 20m(max length 65m) CFQ-6912-20
length 20m
Power supply(voltage) DC21.6~36.0V DC21.6~36.0V, AC100V~240V
Power consumption(max wind) NWZ-214 Max. 350W Max. 400W Max. 500W Max. 450W Max. AC:1700VA/DC:200W Max. AC:1300VA/DC:200W Max. AC:1700VA/DC:200W
Power consumption(max wind) NWZ-208 Max. 400W Max. 450W Max. 550W Max. 500W Max. AC:1700VA/DC:250W Max. AC:1300VA/DC:250W Max. AC:1700VA/DC:250W