• A broadband terminal that has been specially designed for harsh maritime environments. Robust, compact, adaptable and easy to install for merchant maritime, fishing, government, and leisure users.
  • Reliable broadband connectivity at sea with standard IP at 444 Kbps for fast and secure
  • Flexible and competitive pricing plans.
  • Network can assign capacity where and when it is needed.
  • Equipped with a suite of value_added services, can be used for various vessel applications.
  • Possible Applications: email, video conferencing, database replication, VOIP, electronic chart updates, weather forecasts, anti-virus updates, remote IT support, vessel tracking, condition-based monitoring, crew welfare.


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Data rate(s)

Up to 444 Kbps (Standard IP);
16, 32, 64, 128, 256 or 384 Kbps (Streaming IP)

Size of Above Decks Unit (ADU)

277 mm x 391 mm

Weight of ADU

3.2 kg


Four PoE ports, supplying 15W each to four PoE compliant devices

Autonomous beam handover


Wi-Fi Access Point


Input Voltage

10-31 volts DC; 70W max (7A max)