Tính năng:

• Model Epirb mới nhất của hãng Orolia.
• Epirb thoả tiêu chuẩn IMO.
• Phát tín hiệu cấp cứu thông qua vệ tinh COSPAS-SARSAT-MEOSAR
• Xuất xứ: Tunisia


Giá: Liên hệ

Thông số kỹ thuật

[wptb id=19637]

Note 1: AIS is available on the SafePro-AIS model only
Note 2: GNSS is available on the SafePro and SafePro-AIS models only
Note 3: Recommends a 5-year health check at the nearest approved service agent. Shore-based maintenance mandated vessels, battery health check or replacements should be carried out in accordance with flag Administration requirements and not exceeding 5 years.
Note 4: Approvals for the various standards is pending