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Since the introduction of the AlphaMidiCourse in 2015, many vessels worldwide have already been equipped with this gyro compass. These units are used daily 24/7 by satisfied customers and because of this, this gyro has proven to be a very reliable product.

With the introduction of the AlphaMidiCourse Mk2, this gyro complies with the latest regulations. The AlphaMidiCourse Mk2 has received an internal upgrade to meet the mandatory IMO Resolution MSC.302(87) Performance standards for Bridge Alert Management.

The control box has now also been physically modified with three indicators that would allow the user to see which error message is indicated according to these BAM regulations. In addition, the interior has also been updated, as the main circuit board is now equipped with connectors, which is beneficial for installation and service technicians.

To make it all complete, the digital steering indicator AlphaHeading+ is now also approved as part of the system.

The AlphaMidiCourse is highly reliable, has an enhanced follow-up performance and several interfacing features to connect to external equipment.

  • Small size and versatility
  • Automatic speed error correction
  • Short initial settling time (within 3 hours)
  • High reliability
  • High static and dynamic accuracy
  • Easy installation and adjustment
  • Built-in testing facility
  • No compass fluid or extra cooling required
  • No periodic compensation of azimuth drift
  • IMO compliant


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