The Alphacourse B is a Bearing Repeater type for the Alphaminicourse gyro compass from the Alphaline Series. The repeater has an analogue display for the indication of the heading display provided from the gyro compass. The display is divided into a 360 deg/round outer scale and a 10deg/round inner scale. It’s a Bearing Repeater MED type approved system, connectable to a NMEA serial signal via junction box MKN015. The Alphacourse B is Wheelmark approved.

This junction box is made built-in with the drive circuit of the compass motor. With this we succeeded in minimizing the radiated interference (EMI) which may cause malfunction to surrounding equipment. The Azimuth circle measures the fixed error of the gyrocompass. To observe a bearing, the observer looks through the peep vane toward the object to be observed or “shot”. The ring is then rotated until the object appears beyond the vertical wire of the opposite “far” vane.


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