JRC JMR-7200/9200


The JMR-9200/7200 series incorporates a new user interface (named jGUI) for an intuitive, easy-to-use, simple menu system based on the display of icons. This interface always displays critical data in fixed positions on the screen while icon-based menu display informs users of corresponding functions straightaway. Furthermore, target tracking (TT) and AIS symbols feature a pop-up displays while mouseover on the target showing their main data at a glance.

The JMR-9200/7200 series incorporates JRC’s newly developed high-speed processor. The outstanding processing capability has achieved optimum signal processing according to the distance from the own ship. This has greatly improved the target detection performance of the radar in short-distant sea clutter (reflection from the waves). With the target tracking (TT) function of the radar operated in the background continuously, the movement vector of a target object and numerical information on the object can be displayed immediately after the user acquires the target.

Furthermore, the JMR-9200 Series with a 26-inch-wide screen makes it possible to use a second plan position indicator (PPI) in addition to the main PPI. While displaying two PPI’s, it is possible to differentiate in range and off-center settings enabling the second PPI to expand a partial image around the own ship displayed in the main PPI and simultaneously monitor an area outside displayed on the main PPI.


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26-inch type*1 JMR-9210-6X
JMR-9225-6XH JMR-9225-7X3
JMR-9230-S JMR-9230-S3 JMR-9282-S
19-inch type*1 JMR-7210-6X
JMR-7225-6XH JMR-7225-7X3
JMR-7230-S JMR-7230-S3 JMR-7282-S
Conforming to IMO standards
Unit configuration 2-unit configuration 3-unit configuration
2-unit configuration 3-unit configuration
2-unit configuration
Performance monitor NJU-85 NJU-84 Built in
Frequency X-band S-band
Display Color raster scan PPI
Model*1 NKE-2103-6
NKE-2254-6HS NKE-1129-7
NKE-1130 NKE-1139 NKE-2632 NKE-2632-H NKE-1632
Antenna length 6 feet 6/9 feet 6 feet 7/9 feet 12 feet 8 feet 12 feet
Transmission output 10 kW 25 kW 30 kW 250 W (solidification)
Transmission frequency 9410 MHz ± 30 MHz 3050 MHz ± 20 MHz P0N:3035 MHz
Q0N:3065±4 MHz
or 3060±4 MHz
Horizontal beam width 1.2 ° 6 feet:1.2 °
9 feet:0.8 °
1.2 ° 7 feet:1.0 °
9 feet:0.8 °
1.9 ° 2.7 ° 1.9 °
Vertical beam width 20 ° 25 ° 25 °
Rotational speed 27 rpm
48 rpm(high-speedrotation)
24 rpm 48 rpm(high-speedrotation) 24 rpm 24 rpm 24 rpm
48 rpm(high-speed rotation)
24 rpm
Pulse width/Frequency*4 0.08 μs/2250 Hz 0.07 μs/2250 Hz,0.2 μs/2250 Hz 0.07 μs/(4.6 μs, 8 MHz)/1860 Hz
or 2280 Hz
0.25 μs/1700 Hz 0.3 μs/1900 Hz,0.4 μs/1400 Hz 0.14 μs/(9.1 μs, 8 MHz)/1860 Hz
or 2280 Hz
0.5 μs/1200 Hz 0.8 μs/750 Hz 0.29 μs/(9.1 μs, 8 MHz)/1860 Hz
or 2280 Hz
0.8 μs/750 Hz 1.0 μs/650 Hz 0.57 μs/(9.1 μs, 8 MHz)/1280 Hz
1.0 μs/650 Hz 1.2 μs/510 Hz 1.14 μs/(18.3 μs, 8 MHz)/640 Hz
Duplexer Circulator + Diode limiter Circulator
Circulator + Diode limiter
Range scale 0.125, 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1.5, 3, 6, 12, 24, 48, 96 NM
Motor Brushless
Tuning Auto/Manual
Ambient conditions Temperature: -25 to 55 °C (NTG-3225/NTG-3230: -15 to 55 °C); Relative humidity: 93 % @40 °C
Display unit
LCD JAN-9200: 26-inch WUXGA color LCD, 1920 × 1200 pixels, touch panel (sold separately)
JAN-7200: 19-inch SXGA color LCD, 1280 × 1024 pixels, touch panel (sold separately)
PPI effective diameter JMR-9200: 320 mm min.
JMR-7200: 250 mm min.
Azimuth display mode North up, course up, and head up
Operation mode Relative motion – True trails; Relative motion – Relative rails; True movement – True rails
EBL Two (EBL1/EBL2), (Center/Independent), 000.0 to 359.9 °, Four-digit display
VRM Two (VRM1/VRM2), 0.000 to 96.0 NM, Four-digit display
Sea surface/Rain and snow
reflection suppression
Trail display Short (off,15 s to 60 mins.)/Long (off,30 mins to 24 hrs.), Two modes
Own ship trail records 24 hours
User map 100,000 points
Off center 66 % of the radius (excluding 96- NM range)
Number of TT tracking targets 100 max.
Target TT acquisition/tracking Auto/Manual 32 NM max.
Number of AIS targets 500 targets max. (expanding to a maximum 1,000 targets with an optional function added)
TT/AIS vector True/Relative, variable from 1 to 120 minutes
Ambient conditions Operating temperature: -15 to 55 °C; Relative humidity: 93 % @40 °C
Power supply voltage 24 V DC or single-phase 100 to 115 V AC or 220 to 240 V AC at 50/60 Hz
  1. Each model with the model number suffi x “H” is a high-speed rotation model.
  2. External transceiver: NTG-3225
  3. External transceiver: NTG-3230
  4. The NKE-2632/1632 scanner antennas: Transmission pulse width (1st)/(Transmission pulse width and frequency shift width (2nd))/Repetition frequency
  5. The supply voltage of each model is shown by the suffi x. D: 100 V AC and E: 220 V AC