• Ultra-high-speed data communication by the small size / lightweight antenna
  • Anti-vibration resistance design by rigid structure
  • Lightweight design by aluminized of the antenna frame
  • Adopt low attenuation and low reflection radome by the multi layer honeycomb structure
  • Easy connection to the JRC equipment by the JRC LAN
  • Remote Maintenance System (RMS) adaptable


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Model JUE-60GX
Inmarsat type approved Ο (Class 60)
Frequency Transmit: 29.0 – 30.0GHz, Receive: 19.2 – 20.2GHz
Voice Supported by NSD
Data Supported by NSD
Antenna 65cm Parabolic antenna, 3 axis control system, FRP enclosure
Power 100 – 240VAC
Consumption Less than max 300W
Ship’s motion Roll: ±25°/6 sec, Pitch: ±15°/6 sec, Yaw: ±8°/6 sec, Turning Rate: 10°/sec
E.I.R.P. +49dBW
G/T 15dBK
Ambient conditions Operating temperature: ADE -25 to +55°C, BDE -15 to +55°C
Storage temperature: ADE/BDE -40 to +80°C
IP protection rate: ADE IP56 substantially, BDE IP22
Relative humidity: ADE/BDE +40°C, 93%
IP handset Supported by NSD
Remote telephone Supported by NSD
LAN ports (100BASE-T) BDE 3 ports (1 port: JRC LAN, 2 ports: NSD LAN)
External GPS signal input BDE 2 ports (1 port: IEC 61162-1, 1 port: GPS signal from equipment via JRC LAN)
Gyro signal input BDE 2 ports (1 port: IEC 61162-1, 1 port: Gyro signal from equipment via JRC LAN)
External input/output Remote power switch