• Compliant with ITU (ITU-R M.493-14, M.541-10), IMO and GMDSS standard.
  • Improvement of sound quality, which applied with new conceptual SYNTHESIZE technology and noise-free realization.
  • Implements a digital filter using DSP, eliminates external noise and noise generated by inside of the ship, significantly improves call quality.
  • Compact size with simplified key and dial for the maximized and easy operations.
  • Designed as one-unit DSC and W / K receiver built in the desktop of transceiver.
  • Installed with 10.4-inch color LCD for easy message reading of NBDP TERMINAL.
  • Each function and frequency are easy to read with the adoption of liquid crystal display.
  • Available with quick scan function for the variation of transmission output, frequencies and channels by group or individually.
  • Available MEMORY with 100 DSC transmitting messages (100 MEMORY FILE EDIT)
  • Available MEMORY with 100 DSC receiving messages (Distress: 50 messages and Ordinary: 50 messages).
  • Installed a built-in internal speaker (Optional external speaker available).


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