• The JUE-87 is a highly reliable mobile satellite message communication system, having the ability to handle commercial, operational and personal messages just as easily as distress and safety communications.
• Made in Japan


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• Display:     10.4-inch LCD, 640 by 480 pixels, 450cd/m2
• Frequency:     Transmit 1626.5-1646.5 MHz
    Receive 1537.0-1544.2 MHz; GPS 1575.42 MHz ±1 MHz
• Channel spacing:     5kHz
• E.I.R.P.:     Within 14±2dBW (at 5° angle)
• G/T:     -23.0dBk (minimum)
• Modulation:     Transmit and receive 1200 symbols/sec BPSK
• Data rate:     Transmit and receive 600bps
• Interfacing :     3 external buzzers JB1: 1x, JB2: 2x
• Messaging unit (MU):     2 remote distress buttons JB1: 2x 4 SSAS buttons JB1: 2x, JB2: 2x
• Junction box 1 standard (JB1):     1 GPS input (NMEA) JB1
• Junction box 2 optional (JB2):     1 alarm output (dry contact) JB1
    1 alarm/GPS output (Alarm message to INS or GPS internal data – NMEA) JB1
    1 alarm/AIS input (Alarm ack from INS or AIS input for Russian regulations – NMEA) JB1
    1 LAN (PC with JCmail or RMS info to VDR and JUE-501 alarm info backup RMS) MU
    1 DTE (connecting a remote data terminal NDZ-227 or PC with JCmail) MU 1 keyboard MU,
    1 printer (analog port) MU
    1 serial (connecting e.g. a PC, serial printer or use for maintenance) MU 1 distress message controller JB1
• Messaging unit NTF-318:     Power 19.2-31.2V DC
    Consumption transmit 100W, standby 24W
• Antenna NAF-253GM:     Single coax cable up to 100 m
    Type helical, pattern hemisphere Polarization right-hand circular
• Printer NKG-800:     Line interface parallel
    Power supply voltage 19.2-31.2V DC Consumption 35W (max)
• Power supply NBD-904:     Line voltage 100-230V AC, 24V DC
    Line voltage selection 90-264V AC, 19.2-31.2V DC Output power 24V DC, 6.5A (continuous)